Folly Farm

Our visits always started, and ended, in the brooder shed! There you could watch eggs hatching in the incubators (I did witness one hatching on one, long afternoon!)

The farm then sloped downhill with different pens for each breed of duck, goose and chicken.

Runner ducks (left) were my favourites at that time. I wanted some until I started gardening and then I realised that little call duck feet would do less damage in the borders!

One of my favourite photos from the farm!

All the ducks enjoyed feeding from our hands and came running to do so!

At the bottom of the farm, there was a large, mixed stock lake and a wildfowl pool.

Sitting feeding hundreds of ducks was amazing for a duck fan like me!

David and I on one of our visits to Folly Farm. It was a lovely place and we have lots of happy memories of our visits there!

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